Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy time in Tinsel town

I don't know why I said that - I'm not in Tinsel town...guess I'm feeling tinsel-y because of the season.
Well lots to report - mostly Oh Yes We Can! Who is going to DC for the Rock Concert inaug?

I wish I were, but one of my lucky friends is....Anyway will soon be posting the playlist for my first show after Barack Obama was elected - it's a goodie.

Last week Odetta passed away. As you can see from my post below, I saw her recently and was very blessed to have done so. The NYT has a beautiful tribute interview done in 2007:

They ask her my favorite question: Can music change the world? One that I never get tired of asking and hearing the answers to. Maybe I'll have a chance to do some mini-interviews when I go on the Jam Cruise: George Porter Jr, Robert Walter, New Mastersounds, Bonerama - oh wait I've already interviewed all those cats...
Anyway tune in to my show for ticket giveaways this Saturday nite,
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