Monday, June 29, 2009


Can I add to everyone's thoughts, feelings and emotions on Michael Jackson's passing? He contributed so much. Talk about MTV, collaboration with the greats, soul, pop, funk, disco, de-segregation of white/black music - he did it all. Beatles catalogue, Elvis catalogue - he knew it and he was inspired by it all. As we were by him. He said he was just a channel for the songs he wrote - they were up in the sky already waiting for him.

On a personal note, let me just mention that I saw the Jackson 5 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco back in the day. Fresh from Montreal, having grooved to the Jackson Family singing "ABC - it's Easy", I knew I had to go and see them in person. Jerry "The Iceman" Butler also played that night. (You can see where my musical tastes were - pretty much where they are now.) That same night, I was invited to go see Crosby Still Nash and Young and I asked, "Who"?? Yeah I regretted that a little but not so much now.

When I attended the Monterey Bay Blues Festival this past week-end, Michael was indeed on everyone's mind.
  • The Neville Brothers family dedicated their performance to him: Art Neville saying, "I am so grateful I have my family still with me".
  • Kenny Neal added that he knew what hard times were also, and that he came up on Michael.

Oh we danced during intermission to PYT and Billy Jean.

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