Saturday, April 17, 2010

Treme in the Treme in the .....funeral home?

Ok so I have mentioned to some of you that I was in New Orleans at the Charbonnet Funeral Home for the premiere of Treme, the new HBO series about New Orleans and that unique neighborhood.

The community gathered to watch, comment, and even have a question-and-answer period afterward.

Overall the response was positive. We/they felt that to bring again to light the man-made disaster that occurred when Katrina struck is valuable and necessary to the city.
It's not enough to just love the city and hope all the problems have gone away; they are still there and the infrastructure needs a lot of work.

That said, New Orleans has arisen again like it has so many times in the past and will be stronger and more WHO DAT than ever.

Check this link for more info: Treme explained

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