Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's keep these birds flying

In an interview I did recently with Reggie Scanlon of the Radiators, I asked him what we can do about the catastrophe in the Gulf - those of us who may not be able to travel to the affected regions and help clean birds or the beaches. He encouraged us all to contact our political representatives, and let them know how outraged we are.

Additionally, please consider supporting the ngo's and non-profits that are helping send people and money to aid fishermen and wildlife or supporting programs in the area; specifically:

Locally, For the Bayou will be holding a series of music events to raise funds for the above; generously joined by musicians in the Bay Area and from New Orleans.

Please come to Yoshi's on June 29th for a phat Tuesday
For the Bayou fundraiser with the Brothers Goldman.
$10 at the door and all proceeds going to FTB. Show starts at 9pm.
A spicy gumbo of New Orleans street fonk and acid jazz!

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