Monday, March 10, 2008

Eric Lindell at Pier 23 - Papa Mali at Boom Boom SF

OK so I'm not a great photographer.
Top pic is from last Sunday's show with Eric Lindell and Sean Carey, bottom shot is Papa Mali at the Boom Boom Room. That's where I went after seeing Dr. John at Yoshi's....
I wish I had a photo of myself and Herman Roscoe from that evening - Zigaboo Modaliste was in the house and sat in with Dr. John's band for the last killer song of the set - RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME.

I never really sat still for a whole set of Dr. John before - always running to other stages at JazzFest. But the Yoshi's environment was super (except for the drunk guy who wanted to dance), the sound was world-class as always and Dr. John rambled about politics, James Black, Ziggy, and played a wonderful song: "The City that Care Forgot." As well as a Marie Laveau rendition that sent chills up my arms.

Next week: Papa Gros Funk! At the Independent on Friday, March 14th.....stayed tuned for more exemplary photos, interviews and reviews!

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