Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saturday nite radio show, Eric Lindell

OK this time I really am going to interview Papa Mali - right before his big show at the Mystic with the Pulsators opening for the band. Tune in this Saturday, March 8th, from 7-11pm at KRSH 95.9 or online at Papa Mali and I will hook it up at 7:30. He'll also be at the Boom-Boom Room on Friday

Sunday nite I saw one of the BEST shows I've been to in a while - well except for New Orleans the week before. It was Eric Lindell at Pier 23 in SF - with great locals backing him up and my friend Sean Carey from NO blowing on the harp and singing fabulous harmonies. I was a fan before of both those guys but now I really am. Lay back down Eric.


Anonymous said...

OK, if it was the same show I saw, which was great (although I thought the Cafe Boogaloo show in Hermosa Beach was hotter), who was that vibey dood playing kora, percussion, and then singing that trancy blues? Eric said he was from Lake Tahoe I think. Great show, would see him anywhere, with anybody. Sean Carey has some real vibe too.

Anonymous said...

OK, seems it was
Peter Joseph Burtt (myspace page too). That was a great band, all around.