Thursday, March 27, 2008

Keb' Mo' as the Spirit of improvisation

"Honeydripper" is a must-see for anyone into the blues, the origins of rock n roll, gospel music, and the indie filmmaker John Sayles. It stars Danny Glover in a stupendous performance as "Pinetop" Purvis - a piano-player (remind you of anyone?) who owns a juke joint in Alabama in the 50's. Story goes on but suffice it to say it's filled with poignant, memorable musical performances and blues references.
Honeydripper was announced as the winner of “Best Independent or Foreign Film, and Sayles himself has a cameo as "Zeke", a truck driver who isn't keen on delivering liquor for no cash.
You can even rent the film as a fundraiser for your event. Check it out!

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